Our Team

Lumsden Psychology proudly boasts a team of very experienced Psychologists. All of our Psychologist bring a wealth of professional and personal life experience to the team and are passionate about helping those in need, particularly people in Regional and Rural communities. Our Care Team would not be complete without our Administrative Support Team or the Therapy Herd. The Lumsden Psychology Team prides themselves on Professional services with country hospitality

Marguerite Lumsden

MPsych,  Grad Dip App Sc,  B. App Sc ;  MAPS

Marguerite is a Generally Registered Psychologist and founder of Lumsden Psychology who has over 25 years experience across the Lifespan having worked in Foster Care, Child Protection, Cancer Care and Palliative Care, Queensland Police (Psychologist), Catholic Education (School Counsellor) and Private Practice for many years.  She has trained in ACT, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, DBT, EMDR, Narrative Therapy, Trauma and Interpersonal Therapy.  She spent many years in South West Queensland and is passionate about life and access to health services for all Australians, and her British White Cattle. The Therapy Herd are part of the Lumsden Psychology Team and compliment  Marguerite’s holistic approach to healing, growth and life.  Having a Masters’ in Health Psychology Marguerite has a keen interest in the psychological impact of disease, trauma and pain management and she loves to empower people to flourish to their full potential.  She also has a keen interest in performance and sport psychology and group work.  Marguerite provides a mixture of face to face and telehealth services to Children, Adolescents, Couples and Adults across the lifespan in all Lumsden Psychology locations.  With a strong connection to country, you’ll often find Marguerite down the paddock photographing nature, telling yarns around a campfire and tending to the Therapy Herd.



Tricialla (Trish) is a Generally Registered Psychologist who has over 14 years experience as a Psychologist.   A former Nurse, Midwife and Parsley Farmer, Trish has extensive experience in working with adolescents and families as a school Psychologist. She has trained in EFT and Tapping, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, ACT and Narrative Therapy.  Trish’s desire for growth, life learning and development is inspirational and she brings a lifetime of wisdom to our team.  She loves empowering people to reach their full potential.   Having spent most of her Psychology life working with Adolescents, Trish enjoys supporting Young People as well as Adults in Oakey, Toowoomba and Roma.  Her interests and expertise include helping people learn to self-regulate and overcome their past trauma and emotional distress through her natural ability to care with compassion.  Trish also provides a mixture of face to face and telehealth with Adults, Adolescents and older Children across all Lumsden Psychology locations.  Having recently trained in Circle of Security Trish is keen to transition into group work in supporting families before her hope of one day being able to snow ski into retirement.  



Ann brings over 15 years experience as a Generally Registered Psychologist and Three (3) years prior experience as a Psychotherapist to our team.  Having worked with complex mental health needs in both hospital and community mental health settings, with Children, Adolescents, Families and Adults.  Ann shares an interest and passion for helping individuals grow beyond their trauma and past hurts and has embraced the challenge of working in private practice.  She has a keen interest in traumatic/insecure attachment and it’s physical, emotional and behavioural affects.  Having lived and raised her family in Western Queensland as a business owner, prior to the commencement of her Psychology career, Ann also brings a wealth of life experience to our team.  Her authenticity, comforting nature and wealth of knowledge enhances the care she provides.  Ann enjoys caring with compassion and works with Adult clients in Toowoomba and via Telehealth.



Colleen is a Generally Registered Psychologist with over 15 years experience having worked across the lifespan with young people, adults and the elderly.  She has worked in Government, not-for-profit and educational settings.   With a broad range of counselling experience within the community, including Adult Mental Health, Family/Relationship Counselling and School Psychologist, Colleen’s ability to assist those from all walks of life experiencing difficult and vulnerable situations is reflected in both her professional and personal adult life.  Collen was born in rural Bangladesh where she lived to the age of 10 years before her family moved back to Australia.  As an adult she returned to Bangladesh and worked in a voluntary capacity for 5 months and has also lived in South America for a year.  Colleen brings a wealth of experience to our team and works with Adolescents, Couples and Adults in Toowoomba and via Telehealth.   


B. Ag Sc; Grad Dip Psych

Johanna (Jo) is Provisional Psychologist who has recently joined the team. Jo has worked in the agricultural industry for over 12 years, whilst at the same time completed her Psychology study. Jo has spent a large amount of her career working with Qld dairy farmers in extension and outreach, supporting farmers and their families through the highs and lows of drought and market challenges. Jo has a strong passion and empathy for those families living rurally and has a strong understanding of the challenges and barriers that regional families can face. Jo grew up on a farm herself in NSW, and moved to Qld 11 years ago in pursuit of a career in agriculture. In recent years, Jo has spent many long nights  on the phone volunteering as a Lifeline Crisis support worker, which has inspired her shift to the health care world. Jo has travelled extensively overseas and domestically, and enjoys seeing new places, cultures and the simplicities that remote life can share. Jo will be taking new clients across the lifespan in due course, and will work across all Lumsden Psychology locations.  

Our Administration staff

Chantelle Rick


Being the youngest member of our team, Chantelle brings the enthusiasm of youth to her reception duties.  She has recently commenced studying psychology and consequently has reduced her role to part-time.  Chantelle is creative and enjoys sewing, painting and drawing.

Clare Bayliss


Clare works part-time to balance the demand of studying psychology and parenting two school aged girls. In her spare time, Clare enjoys camping and relaxing with her family and longs for the day when her family can yet again visit her from the UK.

Shenaed Bliss

Health Promotion Officer / Receptionist

Shenaed is a qualified Health Promotion Officer who works part-time having returned to the workforce after starting her family. Shenaed enjoys organising events and is also expanding her knowledge through her studies in Digital Communication.

Susie Mackenzie

Administration Officer – Roma

Susie lives and works in Roma and as a trained Librarian and business woman, she brings a diverse array of skills to the team.  She loves to learn new things and in her spare time breeds Percheron horses.