Mindful Mooments

If you’ve been affected by natural disaster, you’re not alone with our Therapy Herd. Mindful Mooments is a series of mindfulness clips with the assistance of the Therapy Herd in their paddock. It is designed to help you learn and build new skills and resilience.
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Mindful Mooments video series

Mindful Mooments – Mindful eating

Mindful eating is about paying attention to what we eat. The smell, taste, sound, texture and look of the food. Slowing down and being present when you eat and savouring the moment. You can use mindful eating to help break habits, gain control of your eating and listen to your body.

The Mindful Mooments Mindful Eating with the Therapy Herd is designed to help you think about eating mindful and be present. Enjoy watching how the Therapy Herd a mindful when they eat!

Mindful Mooments – Thirsty Work

All this Mindful Mooments work makes the Therapy Herd very thirsty.

Campfire Mindful Mooments

Turn up your volume and tune in to relax with the Therapy Herd around the Campfire.

This activity has been made possible by funding from Darling Downs and West Moreton Primary Health Network.